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Connecticut Car Shipping

Expert auto transport services to and from Connecticut

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Car shipping in Connecticut

Transporting your vehicle to or from Connecticut

Connecticut is a state of many firsts: the first color television in 1954, the first American sewing machine in 1846, the first telephone book in 1878 (listing only 50 individuals and businesses on a single piece of cardboard) and even the first set speed limit in 1901—at a whopping 12 miles per hour.

The state draws in millions of tourists each year to visit its various historical sites, acclaimed academic institutions and nautical attractions. Assuming you don’t want to travel around the state at 12 miles per hour (Don’t worry, the speed limit has since been changed.), bring your own vehicle along as a reliable form of transportation.

What to consider when shipping a car in Connecticut

Preparing for an upcoming long-term visit or permanent move to Connecticut? Whether you want your car, truck or powersport vehicle available for exploring the state, take the stress out of transporting it yourself. Ship the vehicle and have it ready when you arrive! Professional auto transport provides a variety of benefits.

When arranging car shipment to or from Connecticut, it’s important to have certain details in mind: transport distance, time of year, specific pick up and drop off locations and vehicle year and type. These factors may impact the type of transport, any special accommodations needed and how much it will cost you. Be prepared with this information when you begin researching.

Choose the best Connecticut auto transport company

Before you toss your keys to a driver and let them head off with your car; it’s critical to take the appropriate steps to ensure you’re using a reputable company to transport your vehicle. Read customer reviews, check Better Business Bureau (BBB) listings and ask for state and federal licenses. Companies should be registered with both the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).

You may also decide to work with a broker to match you with the right car carrier for your needs. ite Way Auto Transport arranges shipment for thousands of vehicles around the country every year. Get an instant quote for your auto transport in Connecticut or call 1-877-688-8801 to get started with one of our customer service representatives.

Fun facts about Connecticut

While the state’s nickname is the “Constitution State,” its unofficial nickname is the “Nutmeg State,” because early sailors would bring the seed back on foreign journeys.

Along with other firsts, the American English dictionary, now known as the Webster Dictionary, was published by native Hartfordian Noah Webster in 1806.

The PEZ Candy Company in Orange, Connecticut is open seven days a week, where visitors can view memorabilia and see the world’s largest PEZ dispenser!

Theodore Roosevelt became the first U.S. president to ride in an automobile while in office, stopping at Pope Park in Hartford to speak to about 10,000 workers.

Considered to be the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States, The Hartford Courant began its run in 1764.

Connecticut tourist attractions:

Scoville Memorial Library is another Connecticut first, established in 1895 as the first publicly funded library in the country. Its collections have over 30,000 books, microfilm, maps and more.

Home to a 1927 wooden roller coaster and 1911 carousel, Lake Compounce theme park in Bristol also has water attractions and other family-friendly attractions.

William Hooker Gillette, actor, director and playwright, built an 84-acre estate, the focal point being Gillette Castle—a 24-room mansion created to look like a medieval castle.

The USS Nautilus was the first nuclear-powered submarine in the world, commissioned in 1954. It is still honoured today at the Submarine Force Library and Museum in Groton.

Louis’ Lunch in New Haven claims to have invented the hamburger. Family run since 1895, it’s still open to patrons.

Historical sites in Connecticut:

Yale University was founded in 1701 as a private Ivy League research university. It’s known for its excellent drama and music programs.

The Wadsworth Atheneum is an art museum in Hartford featuring rotating exhibits for visitors to tour on their own or with a guide.

Harriet Beecher Stowe authored the acclaimed 1852 novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The cottage where she spent the last 23 years of her life is open for public viewing.

Around the corner from the Harriet Beecher Stowe House is The Mark Twain House, where the author lived with his family from 1875 to 1891.

Mystic Seaport is the largest maritime museum in the United States, featuring a notable collection of ships including the Charles S. Morgan, the last wooden whaling ship in the world.

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