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Car dealerships are always on the lookout for ways to transport their vehicles from one location to another in a safe and secure manner. That’s where car shipping services come in. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about car shipping services for dealerships.

What are car shipping services?

Car shipping services are specialized transportation services that are designed to transport cars from one location to another. These services are offered by companies that specialize in car shipping and are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to safely transport cars. Car shipping services can be used by individuals, businesses, and dealerships to transport cars across the country or even overseas.

Why do dealerships need car shipping services?

Dealerships often need to transport cars from one location to another for a variety of reasons. For example, they may need to transport new cars from the manufacturer to the dealership or transport used cars to auctions or other dealerships. Car shipping services offer a safe and secure way to transport cars, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they left.

Types of car shipping services

There are two main types of car shipping services: open and enclosed.

Open car shipping services

Open car shipping services are the most common type of car shipping service. They involve transporting cars on an open trailer that is exposed to the elements. While this type of service is less expensive than enclosed car shipping, it does come with some risks. The cars are exposed to the elements, which means that they can get dirty or damaged during transport.

Enclosed car shipping services

Enclosed car shipping services involve transporting cars in an enclosed trailer. This type of service is more expensive than open car shipping, but it offers more protection for the cars being transported. The enclosed trailer protects the cars from the elements, which means that they are less likely to get dirty or damaged during transport.

Choosing the right car shipping service

When choosing a car shipping service, there are a few things that dealerships should consider:

  1. Reputation: It’s important to choose a car shipping service with a good reputation. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous customers to get an idea of the company’s level of service.
  2. Insurance: Make sure that the car shipping service has adequate insurance coverage to protect your vehicles during transport.
  3. Cost: While cost is an important factor to consider, it should not be the only factor. Cheaper services may not offer the same level of protection or service as more expensive services.
  4. Delivery time: Make sure that the car shipping service can deliver your vehicles within your desired timeframe.
  5. Additional services: Some car shipping services offer additional services, such as door-to-door delivery or tracking services. Consider whether these additional services are important to your dealership.

Preparing your vehicles for transport

Before your vehicles are transported, it’s important to prepare them for transport. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Remove personal items: Make sure that all personal items are removed from the vehicles before they are transported.
  2. Document any damage: Take photos of the vehicles before they are transported so that you have documentation of any existing damage.
  3. Disable car alarms: Disable any car alarms to prevent them from going off during transport.
  4. Check fluid levels: Make sure that all fluid levels are topped up before the vehicles are transported.
  5. Empty gas tanks: Make sure that the gas tanks are empty before the vehicles are transported.

If your dealership needs car shipping services, contact Rite Way Transport. We offer a variety of car shipping services to meet your needs, including both open and enclosed car shipping services. Our team is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and affordable car shipping services. Contact us today to learn more.

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