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Iowa Car Shipping

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Car shipping in Iowa

Transporting your vehicle to or from Iowa

The Hawkeye State sits snugly in the middle of the Midwest, surrounded by Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota. Many think of Iowa as farmland, covered in pastures and fields, and with good reason. According to the USDA, there are approximately 85,000 farms, helping the state achieve leadership status in the production of beef, pork, corn, soybean and cereal.

But there is much more to know about Iowa as it offers plenty of reasons to visit—scenic landscapes, adventurous caves, museums and art, spectator sports and a range of outdoor recreational activities. With so much to discover, it makes sense to take your car, truck or motorcycle along for the fun.

What to consider when shipping a car in Iowa

Choose the best Iowa auto transport company

Finding the right company to transport your vehicle takes time and research, as there are thousands out there claiming to have the best price and service. To narrow down your search, look for ones with plenty of positive customer and industry reviews, the right business licensing and certifications (typically found on the company website) and a dedicated customer service team available to address questions or concerns you have at any time.

If this research sounds like a daunting undertaking, consider just calling Rite Way. We are a leading auto transport broker with a network of vetted and reliable carriers. Based on your criteria we can arrange the right service for your unique needs. To get a free instant quote for your Georgia car shipping, visit our website or call 1-877-688-8801

Fun facts about Iowa

Georgia is the country’s largest producer of the “three P’s:” peaches, peanuts and pecans. It is known as The Peach State.

Speaking of peaches, there are 55 streets with the name Peachtree in Atlanta alone. Historians believe that the streets are a reference to the Native American village named Standing Peach Tree.

One of four major professional golf tournaments, including The Masters, is held annually at the private Augusta National Golf Club.

In the early 19th century, professor William Jackson deeded a tree in Athens, Georgia to itself, as well as an eight-foot radius of land surrounding it—so the tree owns itself.

Georgia was one of the original 13 colonies, the last added to the union in 1733, and was named after England’s King George II.

Iowa tourist attractions:

Atop Lookout Mountain, Rock City features ancient rock formations, stunning gardens and panoramic views.

Savannah is the largest National Historic Landmark District in the United States, with 20 city squares featuring museums, churches, restaurants, festivals, concerts, art and more.

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site includes the two-story home where the civil rights leader was born, the “Children of Courage” exhibit for young visitors and the D.R.E.A.M. gallery, which highlights the bond between the King family and President Jimmy Carter.

In Atlanta, the World of Coca-Cola museum showcases the well-known beverage brand, created by pharmacist John Stith Pemberton and his bookkeeper in 1886.

The Tybee Island Lighthouse was built in 1773 and is the oldest lighthouse in Georgia, standing at 145 feet tall.

Iowa state parks: